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Hydro Rents supplies a variety of solutions for reinforcing and fastening masonry systems to masonry structures once they are constructed.

Masonry Reinforcing Wire

Concrete masonry units (CMUs), sometimes referred to as block, need to be horizontally reinforced to control shrinkage and cracking. Hydro Rents stocks masonry reinforcing wire locally in 10-foot lengths for all CMU sizes.

Veneer Anchor Systems

Veneer anchor systems attach the masonry veneer system to the structural backup. Because masonry veneers are lighter and made of either brick, concrete masonry units (CMUs) or stone, they need to be attached to the structural substrate using masonry veneer ties (for brick and CMU) or stone anchors (for stone).

Hydro Rents offers a full range of anchor system types and styles, depending on the structural and movement parameters defined by the architect and engineer for each project.

These veneer anchor systems are manufactured by Hohmann & Barnard, WIRE-BOND, Heckmann Building Products, and Construction Tie Products/PROSOCO.