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Once a new or existing structure has been properly cleaned, a silicone-based sealer must be applied to prevent water intrusion and staining while keeping the building looking new. Sealers also need to be reapplied as part of a routine maintenance program.

Hydro Rents offers a variety of sealer types depending on your unique requirements, such as different material types, product service life, or time between maintenance.

If graffiti is a concern for your structure, Hydro Rents also offers anti-graffiti systems that help repel any paint or markers in the future. With an anti-graffiti system, paint and markers can be easily removed using a cleaning chemical or can be rinsed off with water. Depending on the severity of the graffiti issue, there are several anti-graffiti strengths available.

Our Masonry Sealer and Anti-Graffiti Systems products are manufactured by PROSOCO, Diedrich and Evonik.