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To ensure masonry structures stand the test of time, it is critical to ensure they are sufficiently maintained.

Brick structures built prior to 1950 were often constructed using un-reinforced masonry (URM) and now need to be properly reinforced. Additionally, these buildings sometimes must be repaired to bring them up to current seismic safety standards or to aesthetically improve the building.

After 1950, most buildings were constructed using the masonry veneer systems often seen today. However, most of the older masonry veneer tie systems and moisture management systems used were not as advanced, causing structural degradation.

For both URM repair and masonry veneer repair, Hydro Rents offers several types of remedial anchor systems, designed to be installed from the outside of the structure. These systems provide the least amount of disturbance to the tenets inside the building and allow the tie patch to be minimal.

Hydro Rents offers masonry repair systems from the following manufacturers: Construction Tie Products/PROSOCO, Hohmann & Barnard, WIRE-BOND and Simpson Strong-Tie.