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Once a new construction or restoration project is completed, construction and atmospheric residue must be cleaned from the building.

A variety of acid-based cleaners can be used for this job, depending on the age of the structure, density of the masonry and type of debris being removed. Cleaner options range from high-acid surfactant-based soaps for cleaning mortar residue to lower organic acid cleaners for older, existing structures.

When the masonry is stained with foreign matter such as grease or oils during or after construction, the stains can be difficult to remove. The type of material that is stained and the product that created the stain both dictate what kind of cleaner should be used to address the stain.

Hydro Rents offers a range of masonry cleaners and stain removers for your unique project and needs, manufactured by PROSOCO, Eaco Chem, and Diedrich.